Tuesday, July 19, 2011

missing supercans

See this message:

I live on the 100 block of T Street NW(west of RI). My supercan is missing, and it looks like others in the alley are as well. Can you ask your loyal readers if anyone else's cans have gone missing and if anyone has any theories?


Ryan Eades said...

Great. Was waiting for this to start happening. Time to start chaining them up. No theories necessary, simple matter of DC Gov't made the supercans a valuable commodity when they stopped providing them free of charge. At $62.50/can as of a few months ago, people will steal them if theirs breaks or is lost. http://j.mp/pz0oOz

Alexandra said...

If you file a police report, the price goes down, or used to (I am not kidding, the police came to my house to take a report) - you need the report number to get the reduced price. If you still have your cans, I suggest marking them with lots of spray paint.