Friday, July 29, 2011

Yoga District Information.

Jasmine posted this in the comments, but I didn't want it to get lost there.

hi guys! jasmine from yoga district here. we'll move back to yoga district 1st st once the minimarket fixes the bug problem. but if there's enough community support for it, we can keep both the old and new yoga district bloomingdale locations, making one hot yoga and the other normal. what do you guys think?

btw the new bloomingdale location might have sweet rooftop yoga possibilities (when it's not 100+ degrees out).

love and peace


Anonymous said...

Where is the new location?

IMGoph said...

the new location is at the northeast corner of florida and 3rd NW.

and if there are bug problems in that building, i would never eat at the thai restaurant rumored to move in next door.

Fambai said...

i do like the feel of the old space more- seems more zen w/ the higher ceilings and hardwood floors, but yes the bugs were unbearable. i'd love to take a roof top class sometime, perhaps one that would start a little before dusk and end at the end of dusk? IF the bug and other problems get fixed at the old location, though, i definitely prefer the inside of that location to the inside of the new location, though. thanks, and keep up the great work!