Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rustik Tavern seeking witty, droll, clever quotations pertaining to Bloomingdale, Rustik or bars in general for Rustik apparel

See this 7/11/2011 message from Rustik Tavern`s Diton Pashaj:

We`re in the process of finally getting some apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc) to offer for sale to our customers. We don`t necessarily want to have the generic, regular shirts.... we want to make them a bit witty and personalized.

If anybody would like to submit witty, droll, clever quotations pertaining to Bloomingdale, Rustik, DC or bars in general, we would love to get some input. For any quotation that we use on a t-shirt, we`ll offer a $30 gift certificate to whomever submitted it.

It`s a neighborhood tavern, after all, and we wouldn`t be where we are without our regulars, and their input is very valuable to us.

We`d like to get the quotations by Friday if possible.


Sean Hennessey said...

I find it funny on blogs talking about bloomingdale when people say how far away it is from things in the city. my favorite was a quote from a prince of petworth real estate post that said a place was
"Way out in Bloomingdale"
also someone else called bloomingdale, " The most overrated neighborhood in dc.
these quotes always make me laugh.

BloomingdaleMomma said...

I once told a fellow parent from my daughter's school that I lived in Bloomingdale and she replied, "oh! The neighborhood that floods!" so I suggest,"bloomingdale: The Neighborhood that Floods"

Suzanne in Bloomingdale said...

"I can walk to Rustik because I live in Bloomingdale." (I'd actually really like to see shirts that say "I walk to the Bloomingdale Farmer's Market").


"I know you never heard of it, but, yes, Bloomingdale IS a real neighborhood" (for all the people who tell me "I grew up in DC and never heard of...)

Jeremy said...

Bloomingdale... that's that department store, right!?

dwbdalefoodie said...

How about: "Rustik - The Head of the Glass" and have a graphic of a glass of beer with a foamy head.

Megan said...

I hate to get on the DC vs. NYC bandwagon, but I do refer to Bloomingdale as "DC's answer to Park Slope."

AS said...

The options are endless...:

"Mr. Rustik BloomTastik"
(In honor of Shaggy's 'Boombastic')

"I'm going Rustik on your Bloomies!"

"Don't make me call Diton..."

"How exactly do you pronounce 'Perimeh Pica'...?"


"Ask me how to pronounce 'Perimeh Pica'"

"Sorry, Eckington! Come rent a piece of Bloomingdale for an hour -- eat at Rustik."


Jeremy said...

@AS - I love this -- "Don't make me call Diton..."

Anonymous said...

I'm moving to Bloomingdale in October, so since I'm new to the area, I may have to have more than one submission as I learn more about the neighborhood!

How about Rustik Tavern: Follow us in real life @84T Bloomingdale.

Allison said...

How about, "our pizza's pretty good but our service sucks and we don't plan to do anything about it?"