Monday, July 11, 2011

seven Ethiopian immigrants at 81 Florida Avenue NW evicted this morning, 07/11/2011 - emergency housing needed

See this message from ANC 5C03 Commissioner Hugh Youngblood:

Neighborhood Family in Need of Emergency Housing

This morning the family living at 81 Florida Avenue NW fell victim to a reckless and abusive landlord who was taking monthly rent payments in cash from them and failing to pay the mortgage with the proceeds. As a result, the Marshall evicted the family of seven Ethiopian immigrants this morning and moved their belongings onto the street.

I met with the patriarch of the family several times today to discuss solutions. He was very distraught about how something like this could happen in the land of opportunity. Luckily, the family has moved all their possessions into the homes of friends. What they need now is a one-bedroom apartment to rent asap--today/tonight. They have cash to continue to pay the rent.

If you have an extra room for rent and would love to earn a little short-term cash, please call me so that I can refer the message.

Thank you,

Hugh Youngblood
Commissioner, SMD 5C03
240 then 925 then 1079

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