Monday, January 07, 2013

151-155 V St NW combined condo buildings -- planned to go on the market late Summer/early Fall

Here is some info on the 151-155 V Street NW condominium development project across from Parker Flats at Gage School:

The two lots -- 151 V Street NW and 151 V Street NW -- are being combined. The previous buildings each had four units.  The new combined lot will be 8 units total. 

The smaller units will be around 1500 square feet.  The larger units will be between 1800 to 1900 square feet.  The larger units will be two-floors, which includes the new third floor.

As earlier mentioned, the exterior of the street-facing part of the combined building will be brick.  The existing brick on the side of the buildings will remain. Stucco will be used on the 3rd floor above the existing two floors of brick.  The new stucco and the existing side brick walls will be painted tone-on-tone. 

If you look at the back side of the building currently under renovation, you can see stone already installed along the bottom.  

There will be eight parking spaces -- ostensibly, one per unit.  None of the parking will be within either of the two buildings or otherwise covered or secured.   The vehicular parking will be via the existing north-south alley adjacent to the property.   

Each unit will have a deck out the rear.

The kitchens and finishes will be high-end.  

The units are anticipated to go to market late summer/early fall.  The smaller units may be on the market in the low $400,00's, while the larger units may go on the market in the low $600,000's.  

Note that the project is being pursued by right under zoning.  No zoning variances are required. 

Also note that since the combined building will have fewer than ten units, the project is not governed by the newly passed Inclusionary Zoning regulations.

Others may wish to add to this list of info about the project. 

And here are some new pics taken today:

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