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at 410GoodBuddy: a one-night sale of art from the studio of Susan Wood -- Friday, 01-11-2013

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Susan Wood is a Washington, D.C. artist whose work is an enigmatic examination of geopolitical events and international development.  Her large scale paper paintings are densely layered with small vignettes, messages and news articles about the world today.   

Ms. Wood was an artist in residence at The Washington, D.C. Monastery for over 8 years ... where she created a vast portfolio of work.  Her work at the Monastery also examined the roles of women in various cultures and institutions - including the church. Woods' work is narrative, but sometimes oblique.  Sue Wood has lived and worked in over thirty developing countries.  Her professional experiences drive the content of her paintings and her background as a journalist, designer & creative director give Woods' paintings a strong sense of color and composition.  Her paintings appear weightless at times ... other times they are solidly planted in place.  She has developed her own visual vocabulary - a mixture of transferred newspaper images, personal sketches, watery cords of paint and contained narrative - in various languages.
Wood will be moving to Tunisia at the end of January - to work on another international development project.  She will be there for at least one year.  
Art may be purchased directly from Ms. Wood at her one-night show. All work must be paid for and taken that night.  Additional Discounts will be given to ASID professionals.
For more information about Susan Wood or to schedule an interview please contact:  Susan Wood, Artist - (301) 312-7354 
This event is made possible with support from Wiebenson & Dorman Architects PC

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