Wednesday, May 18, 2016

can you sign the petition to DDOT to provide traffic calming measures at 1st & V St NW ?

Petition for Traffic Calming in Bloomingdale to Address Concerns on 1st St NW

Residents of Bloomingdale petition the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) to provide traffic calming measures at the intersection of First and V Streets, NW.  First Street NW experiences long distance commuter trips with low compliance at existing stop controlled intersections, and speeds inhospitable to community bicycling. 

DC Water is nearing completion of the First Street Tunnel (FST) project in Bloomingdale and will soon repave and reopen the streets that have been closed.  The Bloomingdale Civic Association, with support from the ANC, believe traffic calming measures – like a mini-roundabout - can be installed with minimal cost and disturbance if done as part of the street rebuilding. 

We have had a history of conversations with DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) representatives, and ask for your support by signing this petition to urge DDOT to design and implement traffic calming measures at First Street NW and V Street NW. The petition is in keeping with the District of Columbia, Office of Planning Mid City East study; will address the alarming rate of traffic volume and speed of commuting motorists; and will provide measures to mitigate the improper use of these streets by large overweight vehicles.

The opportunity to create traffic calming measures at 1st and V Streets NW is beneficial to many more residents than just those living along that intersection. Winning DDOT's support would be timely as the First Street Tunnel project nears an end and the street is reopened; and it could be the test site for expansion to other suitable intersections along 1st Street.

Please sign the paper petition that is being circulated or show your support via our online campaign at:  

Kindly forward the petition to other residents in the greater Bloomingdale, North Capital, and Eckington neighborhoods!

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