Thursday, May 26, 2016

DC Court of Appeals cancels 901 Monroe PUD; will this impact the McMillan PUD perhaps ?

See these tweets from WBJ reporter Michael Neibauer:

Michael Neibauer ‏@WBJNeibs 3m3 minutes ago

DC Court of Appeals has flat out cancelled 901 Monroe PUD in #Brookland. Might be a first. …

Michael Neibauer ‏@WBJNeibs 2m2 minutes ago

Court sided with "200-footers" who argued proposed 901 Monroe was medium density, not moderate density. Instead of remanding, PUD denied.

Michael Neibauer@WBJNeibs 7 minutes ago
Decision should give hope to other groups fighting PUDs in the courts. There's one in particular I'm thinking of. It starts with Mc.

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  1. A round of medals and places in heaven for these judges for their willingness to acknowledge that the emperor is naked.