Friday, May 20, 2016

Vision McMillan Partners: McMillan final design at the HRPB

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Sent: Friday, May 20, 2016 2:56 PM
Subject: McMillan Final Design @ HPRB

VMP, along with the District of Columbia, is excited to announce an update of the McMillan Concept Design has been submitted to the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB).  This update is in response to the HPRB’s recommendation that it conduct a final design review of the project following approval by the Zoning Commission and the Mayor’s Agent.

The submission materials focus on the public parcels, including the park, service courts and elements within those parcels, that were refined since HPRB approval in October 2013. Specifically, you will be interested to see the concepts for the playground and the walking museum — two distinctive elements that will both serve the community and honor the landmark. Click here to view the submission materials.

The hearing is scheduled for 1:45 to 3 pm on Thursday, May 26, 2016. We would encourage you to participate by testifying or submitting a letter to the HPRB.  If you are interested in participating or need more information, please email us for more specifics.


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  1. What will Bloomingdale be like with 31,000 more cars a day on N. Capitol and Michigan Ave., added to the present 38,800? That is the predicted traffic congestion increase. How many accidents will ambulances and fire engines cause, how many injuries and fatalities, when they hop the median even more than at present, to reach the ER?
    The "Monstrosity on Michigan Avenue" is predicted to increase mass transit use by 24,000 people a day, with 600 shuttles and buses necessary to bring these riders to Brookland and RI Ave metro rail. The 24,000 would be the 14th largest metro rail station, if there was one at "The Monstrosity". All on the DC streets with the highest pollution levels measured in the city. One thing is for sure, the collusion between the DC govt. and VMP to steal the valuable property from the people has all the evaluative and regulatory agencies, distorting, manipulating and ignoring the facts to deliver that big turkey for the "Team" to divide up and consume. Almost 2 million sq. feet of medical offices next to the largest concentration of medical services in the country, violates the Comprehensive Act which smartly requires placing medical services where they are needed. Reality and law subjugated to private profit, Bowser has not shied away from a single corrupt deal yet.


  2. Sand bins
    "Restored building and materials adapted to function as a public restroom, food service or retail space.

    I see, charming, adaptive re-use of historic McMillan Sand Filtration Site to turn the preservation of a sand bin concrete silo as a public restroom. What can you say? No Glen Echo arts/education/campus, no DC Wolf Trap huge outdoor concert stage, no urban agriculture, no green roofs, but massive medical offices, and still no clinic to serve the community.

    Janice Posey, the DMPED Medical and University Liaison, testified to the Zoning Commission that these offices were the vanguard and unlike traditional medical research, VMP medical offices "will not just treat diseases, they will eradicate diseases". Hooray, we can close down NIH, and save $19 billion we are wasting up there in Bethesda. Goodbye all diseases, Akash, Anne Corbet, Adam Weirs, and Jair Lynch are curing all diseases!!!