Wednesday, May 25, 2016

dirt bikes on Florida Avenue yesterday evening

See this 05-25-2016 message from a Florida Avenue NW resident:

                Last night, just after rush hour, those of us who live in the unit block of Florida Ave., NW were treated to a horde of dirt bikes and ATVs numbering about 20 which descended upon us from the East. The bikes and ATVs were operated by young men wearing ski masks covering all but their eyes. Traffic came to a standstill as the machines zipped up and down the street performing stunts (wheelies and crossovers) at great speeds. The noise was deafening and the maneuvering and speed on the sidewalks and through the alleys exhilarating. The machines were brightly colored and appeared to be brand-new. Adding to the excitement was the dirt and flowers flying from the tree boxes and the pedestrians cowering into the stairwells. The performance lasted about 5 minutes and rivaled scenes we typically see in an action movie depicting bad bikers terrorizing a community. Of course, this was reality and just a bunch of young guys out having fun, although it was a little disconcerting watching them pull down the masks over their faces. We thought it was so entertaining that we called 911 so that MPD could come and enjoy the show with us. They must have been busy because none appeared except the one that had been sitting in the gas station while all of this was going on (I wonder if the squad car got dirty when the bikes and ATVs dug up the gas station lawn spewing dirt everywhere). It must’ve been very exciting for that police officer to be so close to the action. Finally, the bikes left in the direction of U Street and we were able to get back to watching the Nats game. In hindsight, I wish I had recorded it and passed it on to the developers of all the new condos going up in the block. Perhaps a little lawlessness would be good for sales. Anyway, it sure sounds like the beginning of an exciting summer.


  1. I've seen a similar Bike Mobbing on Route 50 doing wheelies around the NY Ave NE/ Florida ave NE area too.

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