Friday, May 27, 2016

here is the Powerpoint presentation from last night's DC Water 1st Street Tunnel Forum meeting


  1. Does anyone know what will happen with the refrigeration lines buried in the alley between Adams and Bryant, and whether the alley will be resurfaced?

  2. So that was discussed last night. Part of Skanska's current scope is to remove the utility lines and then restore the alleys to their pre-construction condition (could be asphalt if that was the precon condition).

    Due to the delays (btw substantial completion is now sometime in July, final in September) they've been looking into having all the alleys that need to be restored done with new brick. To do that they're looking at taking it out of Skanska's scope and having it done by DDOT through the AlleyPalooza. The only issue is that it won't necessarily (likely won't) be done right after construction. Could be 6-9 months later. After the meeting I reached out to DC Water to see if they thought about keeping it in Skanska's scope and execute a simple change order for the incremental cost of brick vs. whatever the current material is. They actually have, and priced it out but DDOT balked at the price and said they could do it cheaper. So now they're working through DDOT, but it's not a done deal.

    TLDR; alleys will be restored, possibly with brick, but might not be till much later after the completion of construction.

  3. Thank you. I'm concerned about not having it repaired by winter because the alley is pretty uneven, with the intersection of the brick in the unit block of Adams/Bryant and the chopped, potholed and unlevel asphalt running parallel to 1st. In the end, though, all of the trash cans lining the alley in public space are probably worse for drivers than the uneven pavement.

    1. I shared that concern and made a request to DC Water to at least repair the areas that are unrven with asphalt ahead of DDOT making the final repairs. They seem willing to do so.