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latest for McMillan: more concrete

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Latest for McMillan: More Concrete
Thursday Hearing Before Historic Preservation Board 
The DC Historic Preservation Review Board this Thursday, tomorrow, to  consider revised plans for the 2-million-plus square feet development of the 25-acre McMillan Park.  The new plans show that the public amphitheater including a large stream and public pond, is to be replaced with concrete pavers. 



Most shocking is the complete disappearance of the central water wells and the central fountain that were originally proposed to be integrated into and around the existing McMillan sand silos. These too have been replaced with more concrete pavers and stone stairwells, without explanation for this change in design.

Original central water fountain:

These water features were among the few connections to McMillan’s clean-water history as a national and local landmark.

Despite widespread resident opposition and lawsuits, as well as fundamental District of Columbia planning documents showing that vast majority of the historic McMillan Park should remain as open public space, two years ago the DC Historic Preservation Review Board approved a project that destroys nearly 20 acres of historically significant underground water cells, and paves over more than two-thirds of the 25-acre park with 2+ million square feet of high-density commercial and residential redevelopment at the intersection of North Capitol and Michigan Avenues in Northwest DC.

The HPRB will meet to discuss changes to the plans from two years ago, this Thursday at 441 4th Street NW, Room 220 South; the schedule calls for McMillan to come up at 1:45 pm. 

Individuals and organization representatives are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting and express their opposition to the new change in design.

HPRB agenda:

Envision McMillan Partners plans:


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