Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Eckington Civic Assn: vote of whether to continue exploring Historic District designation

See this post from the Eckington list at Google Groups regarding the Eckington Civic Association and Historic District designation:

From the Eckington list at Google Groups:

Vote on whether to continue exploring Historic Designation

Eckington Civic Association <eckingtoncivic@gmail.com>: May 16 07:40PM -0400

Hi neighbors,

Due to concerns that the process for voting on historic designation was
moving too quickly, the Eckington Civic Association board has decided to
postpone the community opinion survey.

*Instead, we will hold a vote at the next ECA meeting (Monday, June 6, from
7-9pm) on whether the community wants to continue exploring historic
designation or not*.

A *“yes” vote* would mean that we would next gather community opinion via a
survey or other means and then vote on whether to apply for historic
designation. A Yes vote does *not *necessarily mean that we apply for
Historic Designation status.

A *“no” vote* would mean that Eckington stops exploring Historic
Designation. Nothing further would happen on this issue unless the
community wants to revisit it at some future date.

Only dues-paying members are eligible to vote. Each membership applies to
only one person, not a household, so each person who wants to vote must
join the Civic Association separately. If you would like to join the Civic
Association, you can do so at the meeting or online (see below).

*Given the importance and wide-reaching effect of this vote, the ECA
decided to allow ECA members to vote on this issue even if they are not
able to attend the meeting. *

If you cannot attend the June 6th meeting, you must submit an absentee
ballot no later than Sunday, June 5, 9pm. If you mail your ballot, please
do so no later than Tuesday, May 31st.

To submit an absentee ballot:

· You must be a dues-paying member of the Eckington Civic
Association. You can join the Eckington Civic Association online:

· You can submit a ballot in any of three ways:

o online here

o by calling Lana Gowin at xxx-614-6921

o by mailing the attached ballot to

Eckington Civic Association
P.O. Box 26430
Washington, DC 20001.

You can learn more about Historic Designation and read notes from past
meetings here: https://eckingtoncivicassociation.org/historic-designation/

If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Putman at

Note: If link to voting form does not work, copy and paste this link into
your browser:

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  1. For something this important, I think anyone living in Eckington should be able to vote. The ECA shouldn't use, in effect, a poll tax. Hoping the BCA doesn't do the same.