Monday, May 16, 2016

the new G2 detoured bus route took effect yesterday, Sunday, 05-15-2016; update -- normal routing until 05-19-2016

See this 05-16-2016 early morning message from a Bloomingdale resident who takes the G2 Metrobus:

FYI, the G2 bus detour actually started yesterday. I know all of the notices said May 19th, but apparently they changed it to May 15th. This morning, there were a bunch of us that were running around trying to find the bus and were extremely delayed. The westbound bus is already going down New Jersey, so you might want to let everyone know.

And see this subsequent tweet:

Metrobus Info@Metrobusinfo 3 hours ago
A voice call was made to all G2 operators to resume normal routing until 5/19. Sorry for the inconvenience.

And see this subsequent post at the Washington City Paper website.
Here is the G2 bus route map again:


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