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chill Bloomingdale Farmers Market Sunday

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Chill BFM Market Sunday

Hi BFM Friends,

The good news is that  Sunday is the beginning of the pleasant weather -- Although we can be glad that all this heat continued to sweeten the peaches and nectarines (we expect to have sweet juicy peaches until the end of September!) and tomatoes and corn, I am ready for a drop in temperature to the mid 80s and dare we hope it, high 70s next week.

We are open heat, rain or shine at the corner of First and R NW, in front of the Big Bear Cafe.

  • Mountain View has baby ging
  • Grapes: if you haven't tried Reid's tiny champagne grapes, you are missing out!
  • Height of Fruit Salad Season: melons, berries, peaches,  grapes and apples.  Add mint or basil.  You might even like to add some fresh baby ginger....just saying...
  • Make Grilled Kimcheese sandwiches on the grill starting Sunday when the temps drop into the freezing 80s.
  • Peppers for the grill or frying up or stuffing: we have an amazing selection of peppers among the stands: the flavors are not your boring old bell peppers.
  • We have lots of corn for boiling, grilling American or Mexico City Style (or off the cob as Esquites). Corn salad is really good. Corn Soup is amazing and remember to save your corn cobs because corn cob stock is one of those secret ingredients that heightens the
  • flavor or everything.  Like Turkey stock after Thanksgiving.
  • Let's make watermelons great again -- these tips made the difference.
  • don't forget to grill your peaches and nectarines too. 
  • Toss some lima beans into simmering salted water until tender, add cooked corn kernels, chopped tomatoes, basil or mint and olive oil.
  • whisked has a new Breakfast Burrito quiche (see below)
  • Bike House is ready to help you put your bikes in perfect Fall condition now that you want to ride every day again, no?
  • Music at the Music Tent.  Jason programs musicians every week for us.

MOUNTAIN VIEW ORGANIC: Maybe there will be paw-paws?  They grow wild on Mt View's land and Attila will be bringing them as ssoon as they are ripe. Did you know that Attila was trying out California dry farming tiny Early Girl toms? They are tomatoes that are not watered because stressing them (denying them water) sweetens them.  Check out the Asian varieties of eggplant and bicolor yellow and green squash. Attila, the Hungarian pepper whisperer, loves his hot and sweet peppers.  Blues, Red Gold potatoes. Shallots. Onions in yellow, purple and white. Squash and zucchini. cherry tomatoes and beets. Mountain View loves growing unusual varieties and everything is certified organic.
KESWICK CREAMERY:  The grilled kimcheese is ready for its Fall popularity.  Keswick has the cheeses.  It really is my favorite sandwich and you can do the tomato variation as well because tomatoes love cheese and kimchi (really!).  So many great cheeses, all from their closed herds of Jersey cows and goats.  Whether you like Italian, German, Dutch, French or California style cheeses, Keswick has their versions-- and they are all good.  Don't miss the fetas, the ricotta, the never to be topped cream cheese.  Or my favorite yogurt in the world.
REID'S ORCHARD: Tables heavy with Peaches, Italian Plums, Asian Pears, seedless grapes, LOTS of apples and ciders. UV, Honeycrisp and Pear). Excellent Tomatoes too.

Berry Tip:
Blackberries in a hot skillet turn reddish and make a wonderful sweet/tart sauce for pork.
NUMBER 1 SONS:  District Dills pickles . Half Sours, Crispy Koshers, Distict Dills, Kicky Koshers, Horsefire and Red N Butters!Kicky Beans are back. So is Kicky Kimchi! Just in time for a grilled Kimcheese sandwich - don't forget a good slather of great butter.

WHISKED!: Jenna says: "We really love collaborating with our farmers market neighbors! This month, we introduced the Breakfast Burrito Corn quiche, featuring Number 1 Sons​ Rippin’ Rosetido taco topping. The quiche has a little heat from Number 1 Sons radish/jalapeƱo mixture, but the addition of corn and cheddar cheese mellows out the overall flavor" See some great photos of the process here. Chocolate Chess Pie this week is a fave.

CUCINA AL VOLO.  Have you heard that Daniele and Mateo and Roland have opened Osteria Al Volo in Adams Morgan in the old Pasta Mia space?    And because they now have their very own kitchen again (no more sharing space at Union Kitchen), they will start to bring more soups and prepared foods (and maybe even ice cream in the future) as well as their superb Florentine pasta. The homemade burrata ravioli always sells out fast. The eggplant norma sauce makes a good veggie sidedish and a number of customers use the mushroom sauce as a mushroom soup...

TIP: No time to cook? their fresh pastas cook in less than 4 minutes. Grab a sauce and you can put together dinner in 10 minutes.  Add a salad or cut up some tomatoes and cucumbers and feta.  Finish with a Whisked Pie or cookies.

TRUCK PATCH FARMS:  Bryan prides himself on his tomatoes. Many, many varieties of Heirloom tomatoes, okra, green beans, many varieties of summer squash. Arugula, mesclun, spinach, kale, chards, eggplants, bunches of basil, cukes.

Meat Department:  Pork says yes to sausages, bacons, pork chops, salt pork, chops, pork sirloins, pork steaks, country ribs, spare ribs, butt roast, boneless shoulder roast, boneless and bone-in loin roasts,

A Tip worth repeating: I salt all meats 24 hours in advance, an easy dry brine. It does not make the meat salty just deeply flavorful.


GARNER: Cantaloupes.Gala Melon. Watermelon in yellow and seedless reds. Corn. Many varieties of eggplants, 7 different summer squash, peppers in green and rred, okra, basil, potatoes, primo red tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers for slicing and pickling, beans, chard, garlic, candy onions. green beans. Greens. Bicolor "awesome" sweet corn. Red, white and Yukon spuds. Parsley, Basil and Cilantro.  Make Pesto with them.


PANORAMA: French breakfast pastries like palmiers, almond croissants plus the plain and chocolate crosisants, baguettes, the olive oil buns that grace the 25 dollar hamburgers at Central and the Rustiques.  Sandwich breads, too.  If they are out of a bread you crave, ask them to save one for you for next week.  Late risers:  they have lots of whole wheat, multigrain and sourdough boules and loaves that sell out early.  So reserve what you want!  Email if you do not see something you want, please.

Monday: Sign up for the SNAP Challenge. 

D.C. Hunger Solutions, along with Maryland Hunger Solutions, invites you to join us in taking the SNAP Challenge (September 12-16, 2016) to highlight the struggles faced by too many throughout our region who cannot afford the food they need.

SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) is an essential lifeline that helps millions of individuals in the US keep food on the table, but the current benefit level is too low for many. The SNAP Challenge highlights just some of the struggles that many District residents face trying to put adequate food on the table with limited income and supports. It provides an opportunity for participants to see the reality of how difficult it is for households who receive SNAP to avoid hunger, afford nutritious foods, and stay healthy with limited resources.

How to Take the Challenge:

Download our SNAP Challenge Participant Guide (pdf), featuring extra challenges and social media themes for the week.

While living on a food stamp budget for just a week cannot come close to the struggles encountered by low-income families week after week and month after month, it does provide those who take the Challenge with a new perspective and greater understanding of why SNAP benefits should be improved.

For questions regarding the DC SNAP Challenge, contact Beverley Wheeler at

  1. Register here for the Challenge.
  2. Plan to spend the average DC SNAP benefit as your budget for the Challenge. That amount is $22 for all food and beverages.
  3. All food purchased and eaten during the Challenge must be included in your Challenge budget. You may purchase items such as bread, produce, meat, dairy products, etc. Hot items, other prepared foods that will be eaten in the store, restaurant foods, and alcohol may NOT be purchased.
  4. Only eat food that you purchase for the Challenge. Do not eat food that you already own (excluding spices and condiments). Avoid consuming free food and drinks (excluding water), particularly at meetings and events where food is served.
  5. Invite others to join you, including friends, family, co-workers, your social network, and elected officials.
  6. Join us on Twitter (@DCHunger), Facebook (, and Instagram (@DCHungerSolutions) to share your experiences throughout the week. Use the hashtags #SNAPChallengeDC and #SNAPMatters

Robin, Teds and Steve

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