Monday, September 05, 2016

from ANC5E09 Commissioner Dianne Barnes: ANC5E09 SMD News To Use

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Here is one item in the newsletter above that caught my eye: The ABRA request from the Capitol Market for Substantial Class (A) Change was denied by the Board.

I believe that this is the market at the NE corner of North Capitol Street NE and Channing Street NE.

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  1. That's correct. While the Stronghold Civic Association (SCA) was initially neutral on the store's application for a liquor license, we surveyed the Stronghold neighborhood and found almost universal negative response to the proposed liquor license. So the SCA incorporated in order to obtain standing for an ABRA hearing where the SCA represented this view that we learned the neighborhood held. The ANC also had standing in this matter and signed a settlement agreement with the store managers, contrary to what we had learned was the community's position. ABRA was apparently convinced by the testimony the SCA presented on behalf of the neighborhood and sided with the neighborhood. The store has a Class B license to sell groceries, beer, and wine, and this will not change. The Class B license remains in effect, only the Class A application was denied. -Kirby Vining