Sunday, September 04, 2016

next McMillan Advisory Group (MAG) meeting -- Thursday, 09-08-2016

The MAG Thursday, September 8th meeting will be at the Summit at St. Martins, 116 T St. NE (second floor conference room) because our usual space at the Inspired Teaching School is not available to us due to a school event.  

The main item we have on the MAG agenda for this meeting is the RFP issued by DGS for a firm to do demolition and infrastructure development for the McMillan project. 

A DMPED representative will come to answer questions about the Request for Proposals (RFP) for a firm to do the demolition and infrastructure development for the McMillan project.  The RFP was issued very recently by the Department of General Services (DGS) (see the actual RFP here: )

This is an opportunity for the community to discuss construction mitigation concerns BEFORE a firm has been selected for the RFP.  The MAG has not met in a couple of months because of the lack of community concerns to form an agenda. 

Thank you, -Kirby    

The MAG meets  on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7PM.  Our current meeting place is the Inspired Teaching School, 200 Douglas St. NE (the old Shaed Elementary).  All meetings are open to the public. Kirby’s cellphone: 202 213 2690.  

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  1. When the DC govt. ignores it's own courts, as this RFP demonstrates, and risks throwing our money down the drain(in an honest city), you know you are looking squarely at corruption with no concern for appearances. The multiple Petitions for Appeal of the Zoning approval are in DC Superior Court, but the govt. can proceed as if there is no such thing as a "rejection!" or reversal. This is why only Federal Law suits can control such a corrupt , out of control massive fraud. Even the DC Climate Change Report tells us McMillan is where future floods are predicted, "that's fine,lololo" This is exactly the collusion, and the "Fox watching the Hen house" that has passed for business as usual throughout this entire corrupt process. The DC govt., and this "charade", cannot be the client, VMP/partner and evaluater and regulator ALL AT THE SAME TIME, with concurrent hearings in subservient govt. agencies, and court cases simultaneously.

    The Briefs went in during the Spring, and the Oral Arguments have not happened yet, they are scheduled for Sept. 20 9:30 DC Superior Court. It is obvious that DC taxpayers don't care how corrupt the govt. is, or whether the courts are honest or not. This is precisely why corruption is rampant, massive, and the DC government is an international disgrace, no one really cares,DUH! So the under-priveledged, the displaced suffer and the EYA's, Trammel Crows, Jair Lynches are making billions at our expense. Your children, grand children suffer your tolerating the land grab, Save McMillan Park!

    What court is this really? Kangaroo court?