Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bertha Holliday invites you to testify at the hearing for the ceremonial renaming of the 100 block of RI Ave NW as "William  H. Jackson Way"

ANC5E07 Commissioner Bertha Holliday

From: Bertha Holliday
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 4:44 PM
Ceremonial re-naming of the 100 block of Rhode Island, NW as the WILLIAM H. JACKSON WAY"

Hi Neighbors,

As the ANC Commissioner for the 100 block of Rhode Island,NW,   I have been working wiith William Jackson's daughter,, LATOSHA  JACKSON,  for more than a year on obtaining City Council approval for the ceremonial re-naming of  100 block of Rhode Island, NW   The Council will conduct a public hearing on this street re-naming on Tuesday, November 8, 12:30 pm, Room 412, John A. Wilson Building 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.. Testimony in support of the re-naming is encouraged.

If re-naming is  approved, it is my understanding that the Rhode Island street sign will NOT be changed,  and  a second ceremonial sign, "William  H. Jackson Way" will be added underneath the existing street sign.

Mr.  Jackson operated a highly successful hair salon (Jak & Co.) for  nearly 50 years, which in 1988 he moved to Bloomingdale in  space now occupied by the Boundary Stone expansion. He also was  active in the greater DC community where he assumed numerous professional leadership roles , while also serving as a community mentor and humanitarian to the young and old in Bloomingdale.  At  one time he was the only tenant in the now bustling Sylvan building... he stayed through the hard times.  

When he died in 2009, Latosha continued operating the business.  But when the pressure of rent increases became too much, her picture posting a sign on the salon's front door, made news in DC's  newspapers and blogs.  The sign read "“Due to ‘gentrification’ and mixed emotions,  Jak and Company Hairdressers will be closing". Her sign  said what many would not -- gentrification had come to Bloomingdale and for some, the results were not good.

The Bloomingdale Civic Association's  Bloomingdale Village Square Project , which I co-direct , seeks to honor our past while  intentionally building  a stable, diverse, inclusive, neighborhood for the future.  We support the honoring of Mr. William Jackson,--  a neighborhood hero whose hard work, business acumen, and exceptional commitment to community can serve as a guidepost as  we experience the circle of life..  

I hope those familiar with Jak & Co. will testify at the upcoming hearing on Tuesday, November 8,  If you cannot appear in person, you can, as I will,(due to election day)  submit written testimony.  Mr. Jackson's daughter, Latosha, requests that you provide her a copy of your testimony in advance (EMAIL: ).

Help honor this neighborhood hero!

Bertha Holliday

Independent Consultant (Diversity Assessment, Planning, Implementation & Evaluation)
49 T Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Co- Director
Bloomingdale Village Square Project
"Building Community Identity & Sense of Place"
Commissioner, ANC 5E07
Washington, DC

Member At Large, Executive Committee, Division 45 (Psychology of Culture, Ethnicity & Race)
American Psychological Association

Fellow, American Psychological Association

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