Wednesday, October 19, 2016

tires stolen from a vehicle on Flagler Place NW

Supplied by a Flagler Place NW resident this morning.

Linds@houseintherear 10 minutes ago
it's actually parked on V between Flagler and 2nd, saw it this morning and wished I had my phone to report!


  1. the theft of vehicle tires from cars parked on the street used to be not an uncommon occurrence in Bloomingdale in the early 1990's.

  2. Looks familiar, when that happened to my car in 2003, right in front of my house with my windows open. I was asleep and didn't hear a thing.

  3. Flagler PL NW is getting all the bad news these days...geesh!

  4. They also appear to have taken the spare from the hatch. Did anyone in Gage School bldg hear anything?