Wednesday, October 19, 2016

car tires and wheels stolen from parked vehicle on V St NW (and not on Flagler Pl NW)

See this 10-19-2016 message -- can anyone perhaps help this vehicle owner ?

I wanted to report to you that my tires and wheels were stolen right outside Parker Flats last night, we think around 1:30am. I noticed there are cameras on that building and I have reached out to the condo board to see if they were on and working. I am hoping that you can message to see if there was anyone who saw anything last night around then.


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  2. I saw a man working on this vehicle around 8:30 Wednesday evening, when I was arriving home to my apartment in a Lyft a block down from that spot. I saw someone approach the man, who appeared to be asking him questions about what he was doing. I figured that someone had a flat and needed it changed. I am so sorry for not calling authorities! The man who was speaking to the "suspect" crossed the street from the condos across from Parker Flats.