Monday, October 24, 2016

stolen stroller tires found beneath the stairs at the Eritrean Church at 2nd & S St NW

See this late 10-23-2016 message:

I just saw the stolen stroller tires reported in the 10-18-2016 blog post [copied in below].  They are beneath the stairs at the Eritrean church on 2nd and S. NW.

On October 18 a package theft occurred at 1st and Randolph Streets NW. Attached are photos from our outdoor security camera (photos 1 and 2). Appears to be a black male, blue jeans, white shirt, athletic shoes, with a messenger bag (for storing stolen items). The package was delivered at 1:10pm and the theft happened at 1:24pm. He has stolen two replacement tires for a pre-2014 Uppababy Vista Stroller (in case anyone sees someone trying to sell these - they are very specific to our model and stolen). In his hurry he deposited what appear to be other stolen items - two containers of 290 tablets of Collagen (photo 3).

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