Tuesday, October 25, 2016

neighbor receives ticket for parking within 5 feet of a driveway

See this 10-25-2016 message from a Florida Avenue NW resident:

I would like to know if anyone else in the neighborhood has received a ticket for parking within 5  feet of a driveway? I just got one after 15 years of living on the same street and parking near driveways for the whole time.  I've never heard of this before....is it for business driveways?  Because the white lines painted on the ground are not 5 feet from driveways....I was parked near the church on 3rd street.  I love the new restaurants etc. in the area but they have made finding parking increasingly difficult and now if we can't park within 5 feet of a driveway that's even more restrictive.  Also- anyone out there from DDOT?  If so, please remove the G2 bus signs from 3rd and Florida - it is an inactive stop since June but the sign means you will get a ticket if you park there (hello, I have two).  When I called 311 to report it I was transferred twice and the last person screamed at me that I had the wrong department and hung up on me- this was after a lengthy wait to speak to someone.


  1. I've seen neighbors' cars ticketed for uncurbed wheels, and for parking too close to alley entrances. Both are rare. Uncurbed wheels -- which I understand in San Francisco -- seems like nitpicking in Bloomingday. People parked so close to the alley that you cannot make the turn to get in or out is a nuisance, and I assume that is the issue with a driveway. I double-checked the DC Code, and it is a $20 ticket. That is the same fine as for uncurbed tires.

  2. This is an easy link to the parking rules and fines. I didn't know the city completely refused to ticket someone for parking so close to your car that you cannot move. The 3-foot rule is not enforce, according to this publication. http://dpw.dc.gov/sites/default/files/dc/sites/dpw/publication/attachments/PC_Training%20Manual%20-%20Pt-2.pdf

  3. I am posting this comment for a 2nd Street NW neighbor:

    Every time I get a ticket, I take the time to visit the traffic court & "cry". The last ticket I got was for parking too close to the corner - that ticket was dismissed, as the "judge" said that there were exceptions for residents

    I have just received 2 more tickets - one for $30.00 for being past time on a parking meter - since I paid by the DC parking app - I have proof to appeal that. I also received a $200.00 ticket for going 37mph in a 25 mph limit in the lower K St. underpass in Georgetown. I had no idea that the limit was 25 mph until the light flashed. The $200.00 was for going 11 mph over the speed limit.

    So I will go to traffic court with both tickets - to defend the parking ticket & cry over the $200.00 "speeding" ticket. I will see if I get any leniency.

    1. Isn't the speed limit 25 throughout the city, unless otherwise posted? I remember assuming it was 30 when we came in to DC from Maryland.

    2. The K Street underpass beneath Washington Circle is very well signed as 25 mph. It even says "photo enforced." There's no reason you would need to drive so slowly in that spot, but it's a good fundraising opportunity for the city.

  4. Here is a single link for all parking rules:


    Not that I'm defending the DC Parking Police, but the rules aren't "weird DC rules"...pretty standard everywhere I've lived.

    FWIW, it's worth learning the rules to use in your favor as well. You know, for that person who parks too close to the alleyway and blocks everyone in.

  5. Thanks- I guess no good deed goes unpunished because I left enough room behind me for another car to park. I wouldn't have gotten a ticket if I had backed up :( Thanks for the parking rules links. I will review!

  6. The DC traffic court is a total kangaroo court, an absolute joke. There isn't a real judge, I'm not even sure it's a magistrate.