Sunday, February 17, 2013

added to the 02-19-0213 ANC 5E agenda: proposed installation of a traffic light at Florida Avenue and R Streets NW

ANC 5E06 Commissioner Teri Janine Quinn advises that this Tuesday's ANC 5E meeting agenda has an additional item:    
proposed new traffic light at R & Florida Avenue NW
Here is the intersection, pre-traffic signal:

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Here is the revised meeting agenda, supplied today by ANC 5E03 and ANC 5E secretary, Tim Clark.

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  1. I ride my bike to work and cars almost NEVER stop at the crosswalk at this intersection. I'm often in the middle of the road before they even slow down! (People are often texting and cruising.) I think a traffic light would make this a much safer intersection. I'd be quite surprised if noone has already been injured here.