Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Boundary Stone mentioned in The Weekly Yelp - "true flavor orgasm"

See this blurb from Yelp -- it mentions Bloomingdale's Boundary Stone!

February 6, 2013

Yelp Goes Hog Wild

We've all been known to pig out on occasion… is that really such a bad thing? With DC full of porky goodness, we can't help but encourage a little indulgence.This week, we bring you swine-centric samplings that'll make you squeal!

The Pig
 (Logan Circle)
Pork-eating pro Jennifer D knows how to get piggy with it, supping on "crispy pork shank, a pig platter of cured meats, pig belly stuffed with pig brain, and braised pork cheeks and grits so amazing you'll skip dessert to order them a second time! Sooooooie!"

Boundary Stone Public House (Bloomingdale)
When Tom G hears a burger comes topped with "bacon jam, made by boiling bacon, whiskey and maple syrup," he pounces. The verdict? "The meat's so rich in flavor! Either herbs and spices are worked into it, or the bacon jam creates a true flavor orgasm." Or both.

Kushi (Mt. Vernon Square)
Annie D is having a moment: "Dear lord, the pork belly. The pork belly, the pork belly, the pork belly. Best. Thing. Ever. Crispy on the outside, melts in your mouth, and oh-my-god the flavor." We'll have what she's having.
PORC - Purveyors Of Rolling Cuisine (Farragut Square)
Deane M is "thoroughly wowed by the 3 Little Pigs — a pulled pork sandwich, plus a generous slab of country ham and three slices of bacon." A paltry $10 will leave you "singing the praises of this pork trifecta!"

Canales Quality Meats (Capitol Hill/Southeast)
Ain't nothin' like a suckling pig party, and Michelle L tracked down the butcher shop to make it happen. "Carlos had a pig in stock and answered all my questions, like 'What's a suckling pig?'" He even let her "inspect and measure it to be sure it'd fit in the smoker."

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