Wednesday, February 13, 2013

some DC history film links

This is nothing to do with Bloomingdale.

A Shaw resident sent this Email to a distribution list, including me.
I went hunting for film footage of our historic slum and came upon  I went through 100 out of 594 pages of inventoried film.  All I could find in our neck of the woods centered around the arson and looting of 1968 and the dedication of the Gompers memorial, but I also found some other interesting views of the city in older films, which I thought you might enjoy seeing.   Regards, Ray

1968 RIOTS:

Shots of 7th/N and 11th Streets,  3rd Infantry protecting F Street downtown:

Cavalier Shop on 7th, below N (Convention Center site):

Corner of 14th and V, I am pretty sure, where SNCC headquarters as located at base of hill to Columbia Heights (today's Busboys and Poets):

Carnage on H Street:

Views of Columbia Heights:

Burned out Micky Dee:


Aerial views and mostly ground views of the city in 1921: (click on Next Video to see whole movie, but I like these)
 (and Pension Building) 
(so few cars!) 
(Jackson Square)

Gompers' monument at 10th and Massachusetts dedicated:

1935 Movie about DeeCeeDawn Strikes the Capitol Dome, the "war on the Depression" (again, click on Next Video to see whole film sequentiially)
Parks in DeeCee:
Cars in Rock Creek Park, downtown:
Horse riding along Lincoln Memorial:

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Scott.

    The Samuel Gompers video is Bloomingdale related. I was trying to see the Morrison-Clark in the video, but couldn't pick it out - lots of foliage.