Saturday, February 16, 2013

two beautiful antique 6-panel oak pocket doors available

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I salvaged these beautiful solid oak pocket doors from a reno on T Street and just didn't have the heart to see them dumped and in a land fill - although I totally didn't need them!  I just knew they were meant to be somewhere - I'm psychic - hence the intervention!  LOL!  Is it your home?
I think they are from 1901 and have their original tracks, wheels, hardware, etc.  They are stunning and if stripped or repainted are ready to roll - haha!  I'm asking the price I paid for them - no profit here - just want them to find a good home hopefully stay in the hood!   $200 each.  They are 60" wide by 101 1/2" high. The Stripping Workshop in DC can also do the stripping for you and then simply just stain them! These doors are impressive and with a little work and TLC will add so much character to your home! Contact Zach at if interested.  Thanks!  

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