Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Craigslist has made apartment hunting easier

See area resident Shilpi Paul's Urban Turf post below:

The Craigslist Change That Apartment Hunters Will Love

Trying to find a suitable apartment rental on Craigslist has always been a patience-requiring experience akin to spending hours in a thrift store searching for gems. This is largely because if you want to see what an apartment looks like, you have to click-through dozens (or in worst-case scenarios, hundreds) of individual rental links.
However, the formerly plain website just got a bit of a makeover that may provide relief from this tedious routine. The site recently released several new layout options that will make apartment and furniture hunting much more efficient.

The grid view, with a Pinterest-like layout, makes the job of finding the right apartment, house, couch or dresser much quicker, as the provided photo is large enough to reveal important details. The map view may be best for apartment hunters as it will help keep apartment owners honest when they say “ this apartment is right in the middle of Logan Circle.”
Now all the site needs to do is come up with a way to determine which of the posts are scams.

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