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Bloomingdale Farmers Market: Even more delicious summer recipes !

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Hi BFM fans,
It's that time of year when tomatoes are at their peak.  So, please slow cook a whole bunch overnight, sliced in half, cut side down over slivers of garlic and basil and olive oil at 200 degrees on cookie sheets or sheet pans in the oven and freeze them in portion-sized freezer bags. The thick ones-- not the regular sandwich bags. Or can them so you have summer sauces all winter or make pitchers of gazpacho because we're going to have a return of the 90 degree weather and nothing is as cooling as pulling out your pitcher of gazpacho and filling a glass with it.  Slice some very ripe peaches or nectarines on top.

Jeff and I had a pizza topped with lots of slices of very ripe tomatoes -- it was great.  Make Caprese salads or Greek Salads, tomato tarts, tomato jam, quickly cooked tomato sauce from grated (!) tomatoes on fresh or dried pasta. Here is David Tanis' recipe.  As he says: the time is right and his sauce is easy and quick and so good.

I am so happy to have green beans back on the menu. The weather was not kind to them in Provence and we had very few green bean salads: so easy to make when nature cooperates.. Toss the trimmed beans into boiling, salted water.  Add a few garlic cloves. Cook until the beans are just past al dente and then drain very well.  I like to mash the garlic with salt and toss into some olive oil with chopped chives and tarragon or mint. Coriander (fresh chopped or toated ground) is good too with the beans. If you prefer that seasoning.  So, toss with the seasoning that suits your mood, drizzle with lemon and serve hot or warm or tepid.  Make lots of beans and keep them for instant Salade Nicoise over the next few days.
Some friends chop tomatoes into their bean salad...An Italian friend adds steamed new potatoes.  It is also glorious with bits of Keswick feta. But what isn't?

Stacia has a gorgeous selection of flowers for us this week at Truck Patch Farms' stand.

Music at Market:  10:00-12 Sam and Zoe will be our musicians this week.
BIKE HOUSE 11-1 Bring back those bikes.

New this Week
  • MIxed Berry Pie stars at Whisked
  • All about the Cherokee Purple tomatoes: NPR did a nice story and we have them.
  • Shishito and Padron fans: Mountain View is Shishito Central.  HERE is how to blister
  • Full Sours are back at Number 1 Sons -- Pickle Heaven full of choice again.
  • Zesty Zestar and Gala-like Sansa apples at Reid
  • Peaches rule but lots of berries too at Reid and grapes!
  • Beautiful flowers at Truck Patch
At the Stands
CUCINA AL VOLO PASTAS, SAUCES AND SOUP:   Sauces and Soups now in glass jars.  Bring your jar back for a dollar off your next purchase. This week:  Mushroom sauce, Cherry Tomato Sauce, Eggplant Norma, Duck ragu and rabbit Ragu and pasta choices at the stand...

REID ORCHARDS: Blueberries, blackberries, red raspberries, white and yellow peaches, white and yellow donut peaches, nectarines, Ginger Gold, Earligold, Summer Rambo, Sansa, Mollie's Delicious and Zestar apples, plums and seedless grapes.

MOUNTAIN VIEW ORGANICS: Lotsa Tomatoes. Fresh garlic, Padron and Shishito peppers. Shiny, thin, long Japanese eggplants. New potatoes in various colors, baby leeks. Carrots with greens, Hakurei salad turnips and greens, baby beets, Swiss Chard, baby boy choy, summer squash. Pale green Hungarian and Italian frying tomatoes. Purple onions with their greens. Gorgeous heirloom and Cherry Tomatoes.

TRUCK PATCH:  Brryan loves to grow those heirloom tomatoes: Stripped German, Aunt Ruby, Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Roma, Big Reds, Stripped Zebra, Great White, Valencia.Watermelons and Cantaloupes! Armenian serpentine cucumbers. lettuces, kale, Swiss chard, Green Beans, Beets, Eggplants.  Stacia says: Gorgeous flowers.

TRUCK PATCH MEATS:  Pastured Pork! - Bacon, Bone in and Boneless Pork butt, tenderloins, bone in and boneless pork chops, spare ribs, breakfast and savory sausages, and whole chicken and chicken parts.

NUMBER 1 Sons:  Pickle Palace is complete again. Full sours, half sours, District Dills, Kicky Koshers, Crispy Koshers. Pepperpatch Okra from Garner's  okra.  Grill a kimcheese sandwich this weekend and don't forget your pickle.  Deep fried pickles are good too. I saw "to.die.for" Pimento Kimcheese burgers at vacation pix posted by chef Tiffany McIsaac (Buttercream Bakery).  Try your own with Keswick Pimento and Sons kimchi.

KESWICK:  What I like about the Keswick stand is that they have such a huge range of cheeses.  Cheddar, Calverley, Wallaby, Vachino Bianca, Bovre, Tomme Sweet Tomme , Carrock.  Some are Jersey cow, some are a mix of Jersey and goat  Sample them all. I love to rave about their Mozzarella because it is so creamy, so much like the real Italian buffalo Mozzarella.  And if you love yogurt, be sure to check this.  Pimento Cheese is top of mind  because I saw a fabulous Pimento Kimcheese burger picture. Chileheads, alert. I was eating Dragon's Breath last month -- hot cheese!                                                                                                                                       
WHISKED: Mixed Berry Pie stars this week. Nectarine Vanilla Bean Pie, Peach Pie, Peach Raspberry Pie, Salted Caramel Apple Pie, Sea Ssalt Chocolate Chess Pie. Savories: Ratatouille and Southwestern Corn Quiche

PANORAMA: Baguettes and croissants, breakfast pastries and lots of breads. Breton specialties like Kouign Amann and the new Crois-Nut.French breakfast pastries like palmiers, almond croissants plus the plain and chocolate crosisants, baguettes, the olive oil buns that grace the 25 dollar hamburgers at Central and the Rustiques they serve you at Citronelle. Sandwich breads, too. If they are out of a bread you crave, ask them to save one for you for next week. Late risers: they have lots of whole wheat, multigrain and sourdough boules and loaves that sell out early.

GARNER:  American Edamame also known as baby limas or butter beans.  NOT the kind you hated as a child.  Toss them into simmering salted water until tender and sprinkle with sea salt and olive oil.  Addictive. Watermelon Wonderland: Red seedless, yellow seedless, red seeded, cantaloupes, Fascination green fleshed melon too. Bicolor Sweet Corn, Heirloom tomatoes, Early Girl tomatoes, green beans, yellow beans, Romano besns, Eggplants, Japanese, Italian, Ghostbusters, Sicilian. Red, Orange and Green bell a Chile heads: look here hot peppers (Jalapeño, Anaheim, Poblano, Serrrano, Cayene, Habañero). Candy onions, tomatillos, cherry tomatoes. Carrots, zucchini and summer squash, cucumbers, kales, savoy cabbage, black eye pes. Swiss chard. Cut herbs. Red and green okra.

Please spread the word about the Produce Plus at market. Just show a Medicaid, Wic, SNAP/EBT card, Senior Check, CSFP Card and a DC government ID and we give you $10 in checks for fruits and vegetables at the market PLUS $5 in bonus dollars to buy fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese and eggs. That's $15 a week. Go to 14&U on Saturday as well and you have $30 a week!

Robin and the Teds
Bloomingdale Farmers' Market

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