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MidCityDC August 2015: Artist Tom Noll with his summer installation, "Going to the Pool"

See this 08-1-2015 message from Bloomingdale resident Jose Ucles:

Sharing this nice article in Mid City DC Magazine that highlights children's book author Tom Noll, Bloomingdale neighborhood Park and the now popular White Bicycle Fence Art Installation that gets decorated for major holidays and his award winning books in his "Trash to Treasure" Series * Recycling Creatively with L.T. with its books "The Bicycle Fence" & "Selling Eggs" that were written to empower, educate and inspire young readers to recycle and go green in ways that are creative, practical and fun.

Bloomingdale Buzz

Artist Tom Noll with his summer installation, “Going to the Pool.”
Bloomingdale’s Bicycles
Thanks to artist Tom Noll and his bicycle fence, Bloomingdale’s busiest corner is always well-decorated. Noll’s art installation has motorists on Rhode Island Avenue hoping for a red light so they have time to admire his repurposed art installation.
Originally from Ohio, Noll spent about 20 years in Manassas before moving to Bloomingdale in 2009. He brought his interest in repurposing found objects, his commitment to recycling, and his bicycle fence with him. “I had some friends [in Bloomingdale] and loved the architecture,” said Noll, who’s done research on the doors and transoms around the neighborhood. “I wanted to bring a sense of community, and the bicycles gave me the means to do that. They bring a homey atmosphere.”
Noll works as a landscape designer and noticed that the small park at 1st Street and Rhode Island Avenue was in a shambles a few years ago. By cleaning it up and adding some planting Noll enhanced the park and then worked with local businesses to decorate the space with his bicycle fence as the centerpiece.
One Bloomingdale resident told Noll, “You’re a blessing to our community because you brighten up our days.” Noll hopes that the bicycle fence will make commuters smile. In the four years since Noll put up the fence it’s never been damaged, and the only thing stolen was not part of the fence itself.
“I grew up recycling before it was called recycling,” Noll shared. “I teach kids to reuse and repurpose. There are different ways for kids to recycle.” Noll has channeled his passion and savvy for recycling into writing two children’s books, “The Bicycle Fence” and “Selling Eggs.” Noll continues to write children’s book. “I try to teach kids how to think outside the box,” he explained. “At the end of each book there are recycling tips.” He does readings at local libraries and is accompanied by a friend who does a puppet show. Keep an eye out for Noll’s new books and the fence’s summer theme, “Going to the Pool.”
Contact Tom Noll via his publisher and publicist, Alberto Ucles, at jucles@hotmail.comor via

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