Tuesday, August 18, 2015

WMATA proposed changes to the G8 bus line

Here is the link to the big PDF.

Here is the English text regarding the proposed changes to the G8 bus line, which some Bloomingdale residents squawk about on a regular basis.

G8 Rhode Island Avenue Line Proposed Change: 

• Add more time for buses to get from one end to the other. 
• Add an extra three AM peak trips. 
• Shorten some AM peak trips to start at Brookland Station. 
• Add some PM peak trips between Brookland Station and Avondale to help buses arrive on time. 

Reason for the Change: 

• This will help buses arrive on time. 
• Reduce crowding in the morning and afternoon rush hours. 

Alternative Transportation Options: 
• No alternative needed.


  1. Don't forget that under the proposed changes the 80 bus will cease to run past McPhereson Square, a nightmare for the many State Department and other federal employees I know in teh neighborhood!

  2. Happy about the G8 improvements, unhappy as above about the 80- unacceptable as we are one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in DC but also among the relatively Metrorail deprived in the central core. If fellow Bloomingdalers wish to express displeasure at the 80 cut, WMATA has a survey open and schedule of public meetings to elicit community input. For some reason the survey only allowed me to weigh in on the 80 as a cut, not the G8 improvement. Link to survey and details on meetings here: http://www.wmata.com/bus/BetterBus.cfm

  3. I am glad about the G8 improvements but to cut the Rte 80 to only go to McPherson Square is horrible. We go to Kennedy Center all the time via bus! I will be complaining loudly!