Thursday, May 05, 2016

GGW: "Where DC used to bar black people from living" including Bloomingdale

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To hear more about racial covenants in Bloomingdale, you are invited to attend of the two upcoming History of Bloomingdale sessions with guest presenters Prologue DC.  See this blog post.

Where DC used to bar black people from living
One of many pieces of America's shameful racial past was when racial covenants forbade people in certain areas from selling their houses to an African-American family. DC had these in several neighborhoods, particularly Mount Pleasant, Columbia Heights, Petworth, Park View, and Truxton Circle.
According to Mapping Segregation in Washington DC, an interactive map created last year by a group called Prologue DC, covenants took two forms throughout the first half of the 20th century: restrictions in the property's deed, often set up by the developer when building a set of row houses, or an agreement that neighborhood activists would circulate as a petition around a neighborhood.

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