Monday, May 02, 2016

? no parking signs erected on the unit block of R St NW this afternoon, presumably effective tomorrow, Tuesday, 05-03-2016

See this 05-02-2016 message:

This afternoon Fort Myer put no parking signs on both sides of the unit block of R Street, NW -  presumably effective at 7 am tomorrow morning.  They are required to give residents 72 hour notice.  I have called and spoken with DPW, parking enforcement and Fort Myer and they all confirm the 72 hour notice.  parking enforcement said they would not give a ticket until they had confirmed the 72-hour verification.  Ft Myer said to call the police if there was a problem.  However, I don't trust them, so I want our neighbors to be aware of the issue.  I still think we're taking a chance, but at least - all of the neighbors can confirm when the signs were posted if we get tickets if we don't move our cars.  I would suggest that all be aware and maybe call and complain.

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