Friday, May 06, 2016

"proper sanitation procedures" for Quincy & R St NW residents

Sent: Friday, May 6, 2016 6:40 PM
Subject: Please post the following on your blog. Thank you!

 M E M O R A N D U M

TO:                  Quincy Place  NW and R Street NW Residents

RE:                  Proper Sanitation Procedures

DATE: April 18, 2016 

            Happy Spring! We hope all of you are enjoying our beautiful, newly bricked alleyway.  I’m sure everyone will agree that being able to drive through a clean and safe alley has been a welcome improvement of our quality of life.  Thanks everyone for supporting this project.

            The purpose of this memo is to remind you of proper sanitation procedures that are required by the D.C. Department of Public Works.  Relevant procedures are as follows:

•           The designated point of collection is the public space bordering the alleyway (unless you use the front curbside).
•           Trash must be contained in D.C. government issued green Supercans.
•           Trash must be bagged and placed inside of the Supercan.
•           The Supercans must remain closed at all times – do not overfill.
•           Supercans should be put out for collection the day before no earlier than 6:30 pm.
•           Supercans should be returned to your property by 8:00 p.m. on the collection date. 
•           Please do not allow your Supercan to block ingress and egress through the alleyway.

            To keep our alleyway as clean and beautiful as possible and to ensure safe passageway through the alley, we want to encourage all Quincy Place and R Street residents to follow all proper sanitation procedures.  Thanks for your immediate attention to this matter.



  1. Wish my neighbors would learn to close their cans (they leave them open so they can toss the trash over the fence without having to use their rear gate) and would learn what it means to keep your cans out of public space. As for threatened enforcement, I haven't seen it happen in more than a decade in my house and three decades in the neighborhood.