Monday, May 09, 2016

The Bike House needs somewhere near 1st & R St NW to store a medium-sized Rubbermaid bin of supplies, a repair stand, and a pump

See this 05-09-2016 message:

"The Bike House has been helping people fix their bikes at the Bloomingdale Farmers Market for the past four years. While we don’t have a full shop’s worth of tools, we have enough supplies to do basic repairs, lube chains, put air in tires, and generally point people in the right direction. The Bike House is an all-volunteer operation that relies on support from the community to exist. We had been storing our tools, repair stand, and tent nearby the 1st and R market, but unfortunately, that arrangement no longer works. In order to continue our Bloomingdale operation, we need a place to put our stuff.
The Bike House is looking for somewhere near 1st and R NW to store a medium-sized rubbermaid bin of supplies, a repair stand, and a pump. All told about 10 square feet of stuff. Your storage space doesn’t have to be fancy, just safe and dry and somewhere accessible where volunteers could come grab it Sunday mornings.
Let us know if you think you can help. The good karma you get will mean you never get a flat tire again.

We can be reached at Thanks.”