Thursday, October 06, 2016

a mortgage lender at the front door who wanted to purchase my house

Yesterday, I had a knock at the front door.

A professional enterprising young man -- a mortgage broker -- asking to purchase my home.

His developer client had just purchased two Bloomingdale properties.  One is presently being renovated and renovations have not yet begun on the other property.

We had a good half-hour conversation.  Nice that he had done his homework -- and was familiar with zoning regulations, etc.  Rather refreshing.

No, I did not offer my home up for sale.

But interesting to have a mortgage lender stop by.


  1. Interesting - I get lots of requests in the mail.

    Did he mention property addresses? Are they the two houses in the pictures?

  2. We * all * receive tons of letters and postcards in the mail, soliciting us to sell our homes. This was unusual, since it was a knock on the front door.

    The two rowhouse pics here -- might -- be the properties that he mentioned that his developer client purchased and is/will be developing.