Monday, October 10, 2016

from the DDOT archives: North Capitol & Bryant St NW - 1967 and today

Bloomingdame is digging around.  See this tweet:

intersection of NCapitol&Bryant Streets-first image is dated 1967,second image present day.
11:21 AM - 10 Oct 2016

Before & After 
Images 1 & 2: Images of 14th Street and Thomas Circle. The first image is of the south and east sides of reconstructed circle car tracks, dated 1941. The second image is from present day
Images 3 & 4: Images of the intersection of North Capitol and Bryant Streets. The first image is dated 1967 and the second image present day. 
The blue dots in the present day images represent imagery points for the street view taken from a DDOT vehicle. Each point is a different view of the street.


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