Monday, July 20, 2015

complaints about the kids selling water on the corner of 1st & Randolph‏ NW

See this 05-20-2015 message:

I would like to place an announcement about the unruly behavior of the kids selling water and other drinks at the corner of 1st and Randolph NW, outside the abandoned church.  I believe that this is for a good cause, however their sales tactics for conducting their affairs are rather dangerous, and cause a huge public disturbance especially for the residents who live close the corner. 

My complaints are as follows:

1.These kids are very young minors(6 - 14 years old) and there is no adult supervision with them.  This is a public safety issue as the kids often do not have the wherewithal to avoid oncoming car traffic, bike traffic, and people walking their pets.

2. The kids are exceptionally loud, and attempts to have them reduce their decibel level fall on deaf ears.  If there was an adult with them, then maybe this issue could be addressed, however since there isn't, the kids just go about their business shouting "Who Wants to Buy Water" as loud as they can.  Some of us have to work at night and need the afternoons to rest and recuperate before the night. 

3. I would like to believe that this is a fundraising effort for the church, however I cannot verify this.  If it is something for the church, then there MUST be an adult present at all times to regulate the conduct of the kids.  However, if it's just the kids trying to earn some money, then this has to be prohibited on the grounds that it is (a) dangerous, and (b) very disturbing to the neighborhood.  


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  2. This post makes me sad. It is so unnecessary and quite ridiculous. Anyone who has lived in the neighborhood for any short amount of time know who these kids are. They live ON Randolph Place. They play ON Randolph Place every single day (basketball, football in the street, yes the street, riding their scooters around, biking, etc). Instead of posting a complaint how about going outside and talking to your neighbors and get to know the kids. They would probably lower their voices if you asked nicely and attempted to get to know them as your neighbors. And they would certainly take to heart your concerns about the street and traffic. These kids are good, smart kids. They are OUR neighborhood kids. Also, it is summer and school is out, so I am inclined to think that selling water is not a bad way to spend their day.

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  4. Dear “neighbor” complaining about kids selling water,

    We can only assume you are a “neighbor” given that you complain about not being able to rest and recuperate, implying you are sleeping somewhere nearby. That's what makes your post so disheartening to read.

    If you have lived in the area for any length of time, you likely know (or have seen) the kids you are so rudely complaining about. They all either live on the 100 block of Randolph Place, or are relatives of someone who does. Perhaps, if you spent less time complaining and more time getting to know others who live around you, you might even know these kids by name (as we do).

    If the kids don’t know you, and you don’t appear to have any respect for them, your attempts will continue fall on deaf ears. Why not walk outside, walk around and speak to the folks who live in the neighborhood, and start to build a relationship. We believe your complaints would either not be so vehement, and you would have some ground to stand on to have a discussion, rather than whining from behind your computer on a “neighborhood” blog.

    To clarify, 1) they are not affiliated with the church. 2) they almost always have adult supervision. This is the kind of community where, if one of their mothers is not outside, their aunt or grandmother, older sibling, or another of us who are neighbors and know them, are keeping an eye on them. And, 3) they are not causing a “huge public disturbance” nor are they “dangerous”

    What causes a huge public disturbance are the cars parking illegally coming to and from the after hours “club” around the corner. Or the neighbor who chooses to blast music from 9am till 10pm despite repeated visits from police. What is dangerous is the illegal synthetic marijuana being sold blatantly in front of these very kids you decide to complain about. And the repeated daytime robberies, break-ins and assaults.

    Those are issues to make public announcements and complaints about, not kids being kids. And who knows, if you got to know them, you just might make a few friends.

    Final thought - if they were selling lemonade, at a lemonade stand, would you still say it should be prohibited because its a) dangerous and b)very disturbing to the neighborhood….


    Your “neighbors”

  5. Leave those kids alone.. Safety supervision.. Or adult or your rules.. They're trying to make a living. So stop complaining