Thursday, July 16, 2015

WaPo: "Former DC copy owns store shut down by court for selling synthetic drugs"

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Former D.C. cop owns store shut down by court for selling synthetic drugs


A store in Northwest Washington is being forced by a court order to shut down for a year for selling synthetic drugs.
The store — Aida’s Electronics, at 209 Florida Ave. NWin the Bloomingdale neighborhood — is owned by William Early, who is a retired D.C. police officer, and its shutdown comes after a long legal battle with the District’s Office of the Attorney General.
Prosecutors said in a press release that they have been pursuing litigation against Early since November 2014. Now under an order from the Superior Court, the store has to shut down for one year.
“The message is clear: Businesses that sell synthetic drugs in the District of Columbia will face regulatory enforcement and litigation in court that could shut down their businesses for up to a year,” said Attorney General Karl A. Racine in a press release.

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