Thursday, July 16, 2015

Friends of McMillan Park: "ANC5E took marching orders from developer on McMillan Park project"

See this tweet and link.

Click on the link to read the Friends of McMillan Park post.


  1. And the problem with that is? There are serveral projects of the last ten years in which developers have drafted a resolution for consideration. Ms. Barnes has represented the resident of Bloomingdale for many many years ahs has been elected over and over again. She is doing what the voters elected her to do. Get McMillan done! Just becasue a small group who has been so nasty since day one wants something else and has been losing that battle time after time. Trying to paint Ms. Barnes are a villian is just another terrrorist tatic of "Friends of McMillan". They dhousl be called "FOES OF MCMILLAN"

  2. The problem is how slimy this entire process has been. The problem is there was never a competition of ideas. The problem is, after specifically saying the design group would be separate from the vertical development group, the City has allowed their pre-chosen hacks to own all rights, including an ownership stake after the project would be built. I say "would be" because the facts will be so obvious to any judge or jury that this monstrosity is going nowhere.

    Letting EYA/Jair Lynch compose the community's letter of support doesn't seem corrupt here in DC. And once again, their friend Barry from Massachusetts weighs in so eloquently, making the point that this is all an acceptable level of corruption that has been going on in DC for many years and we should all just shut up and take it.