Wednesday, July 15, 2015

found cat somewhere in the neighborhood

See this 07-15-2015 message:

Hello! My name is Bradley and I found a friendly, orange tabby kitty out front of my home today. My neighbor Pam recommended you as a way of finding the owner. Could you post something? I believe he is someone's missing cat.   Here is a photo. 


  1. Hi Bradley, I am a volunteer at the Washington Humane Society and this guy might not be someone's cat- see his ear that is tipped? That means he is a stray Community Cat that was picked up, neutered, and released back into his environment.
    The WHS can't keep all stray cats, especially if they are not socialized, but some ear tipped cats do become adoptable through the shelter.
    If you're worried about him and think he is socialized enough to become someone's pet, you can contact WHS. Otherwise he is probably taken care of by a neighbor who leaves food out for him!

    Here is more information on the WHS CatNipp program

  2. I've seen that cat around the neighborhood! If you decide to take him to a shelter, please consider a non-kill shelter such as Homeward Trails Animal Rescue Otherwise, this guy's fate might be better as a community cat. From my understanding, the WHS is not a non-kill shelter. Thanks for caring about this little guy!