Wednesday, July 29, 2015

DC asks court to stop developer Hofgard from selling any more houses

See this tweet:

DC asks court to stop infamous Va. flipper from selling any more houses: Background:
1:37 PM - 29 Jul 2015

Note that there are some Hofgard properties in Bloomingdale.

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  1. Continue to post a list of the bad developers, addresses of their properties, and any Real estate agents that represent them. Anytime there's a new article, make clear what the address is and the bad actors so buyers can beware when they search the addresses or the developers.

    I'm hoping they'll force Insun Hofgard to knock down the pop up on 160 Adams St and then force her to sell the property to someone else. God help whoever buys that property next, that thing's been exposed to open air, uncovered, for multiple seasons now - rain and snow and sun, totally uncovered since 2013.

    Also be aware of dealing with Shalamar Muhammad from RE/MAX, who represented Insun Hofgard in the deal according to Redfin.