Tuesday, July 21, 2015

? snow removal recommendations ?

See this 07-21-2015 message:

While it might seem crazy to be thinking about snow in the middle of 100 degree heat, our small condo building is in search of a reliable snow removal company who can handle our corner building and driveway. I tried searching the blog, but didn’t see anything. Is this a question you can pose on the blog and the listserv email for our neighbors (we also live in Bloomingdale) or do you have any other suggestions of how we can go about finding some solid recommendations?


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  2. Hi guys,
    I highly recommend David George, a long time Bloomingdale resident and neighbor. He shovels snow, rakes leaves, cleans cars and spreads a lot of broad smiles around.
    Contact me for his phone number.

  3. I would highly recommend Jacobo Icu Cun who currently cuts the grass at Crispus Attucks Park and who does a variety of gardening and other labor type jobs for me. He is very hard working, super honest, and very affordable. if you are interested in talking to me please let me know.