Monday, July 20, 2015

tickets to the Washington Nationals game on Sunday, 08-09-2015

See this 07-20-2015 message:

Bloomingdale Residents,
The Eckington Civic Association (ECA) has invited Bloomingdale residents to join them for a baseball outing. The ECA has 35 tickets left for a group outing on Sunday, August 9 for the 1:35pm Nats game. The tickets are $18 which includes an $8 credit for food or drink , including alcohol.  There's a $25 fee for the whole order the final purchase is made so the tickets will likely cost around $18.50. 

We need to know the final number of Bloomingdale attendees by July 21, 2015, so if you’re interested, please have email Adam Duffy by tomorrow morning.  

Teri Janine Quinn
President, Bloomingdale Civic Association

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