Saturday, June 23, 2012

dog inside the fence of the McMillan Reservoir at 2nd & Bryant NW

See this Saturday morning, June 23, 2012 message:
While walking her dog a neighbor saw a small (35 lbs) mixed breed dog inside the fenced property of the reservoir at 2nd and Bryant NW. The name on the tag reads "Ginger" but the neighbor couldn't see the phone number. Ginger is reddish-brown and appears to have had puppies at some point. She's very shy. Please contact Heather at if you have information or if she's your dog.


David said...

That dog has been in there for months. I never noticed that it had a collar or tag on it because it runs away from the fence whenever I get close.

Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

And see this post from the neighbor who reported the incidentL "I am pleased to report that Ginger is back home with her family!"

Jenifer said...

I am getting tired of the dog poop in our neighborhood. And the concomitant cluster of flies feasting on it. Please do not let your dog run free or let him/her "go for a nice free run." And please, when I walk by you and ask you to "leash your dog, please!" don't stare at me like I have two heads and assume I hate animals and start telling me why your dog is an exception (e.g., "she's old" or "he doesn't run after anything" or "he likes children" or "I didn't see the sign" or "he's just a puppy" or some other such crap). Leash your dog. Pick up your dog's poop. Keep your animal under control.