Thursday, June 07, 2012

Verizon-sprayed-painted markings on the Madison Condo yard & plantings

See this message from a Madison Condominium (52 Quincy Place NW in Bloomingdale):

Residents of the Madison were greeted on Monday by large markings of bright orange paint all over our yard and plantings, trash shed, and brand new cement bike slab. Verizon sprayed them inside our property line and along Quincy Pl NW to the corner of 1st and Florida NW. We assume it's for Verizon to tap into existing lines, but we're frustrated by (1) the look and that it's hard to wash off (2) the fact that it's on our personal property and we were never informed. Does anyone know if Verizon can just spray paint on personal property without permission? We want it cleaned off and don't know where to start to complain. If anyone has any ideas, we'd appreciate it.

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John said...

I have asked the Public Service Commission, which oversees Verizon, to look into the painting incident. They should get back to me some time next week.

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