Sunday, June 17, 2012

controversial history behind the naming of the Williston Apartments, 212-222 W St NW -- “Dr. Williston’s services were not sufficiently important enough to have a housing project named after him."

Read this.

You will see comments from Carter G. Woodson and Nannie Helen Boroughs.

And I didn't even know about the "Alley Dwelling Authority".


Jenifer said...

what looks odd is that the signature does not appear to match the name at the bottom of the letter of John Ihlder of the Alley Dwelling Authority. The signature looks like Susan Sharp Stokes or something. Anyone else see this?

Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

I predicted at least * some * interest in this piece of history. Guess not!

Alex Dancingmantis said...

I believe that the signature is of Anson Phelps Stokes... the name on the letterhead at the top of the document. I think that Mr. Ihlder is the recipient of the letter.

Mari said...

Hey. People read the documents and talked about signatures. That's history.