Thursday, June 28, 2012

missing bernese mountain dog 4 months old

Hermosa was picked up in front of 145 Rhode island avenue nw at around 3:40pm by a white middle age woman in a van with 3 children. She has not been surrended to any of the humane society offices yet. Hermosa is very well behaved and unfortunately likely to not put up a fight If taken by anyone.
Please contact :
Verenice 301-704-6033
Ryan griffin 202-262-8921


  1. I hope your dog is recovered. This sounds like a terrible experience.

    How did this happen. It would benefit to know for the rest of us in the neighborhood, especially us dog owners. Could you provide further details on how this happened?

  2. See this message from the dog's owner:

    The full story:

    I went out to weed the front garden for a little bit at around 3:30pm and Hermosa went outside the front door on Rhode island and tried to cross the street when I wasn't looking. A woman stopped and picked her up, really it turns out to rescue her, I noticed only after she had taken her, literally a minute after. I did not see it because of cars parked in front of the house, but it happened right in front of our house. When I asked the people across the street, whom we do not know ( I should make a point to know all my neighbors), they told me what had happened and that Hermosa would be taken to the Humane society. She was not, so we put up fliers and posted in many online listservs. Fortunately for us, she had not intended to keep her and looked in Craigslist this morning and emailed us.

    She was very nice to Hermosa, I just wished she had left her info with someone, reported her to the police/ humane society and / or waited a little bit. It happened so fast.

    It was my fault and I have to say that I'm not leaving the doors open anymore when I go outside on Rhode island Ave.