Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PoP confirms: Fraziers Funeral Home to become residential building

Ha!  The permits posted in the windows said "funeral home" as the future use.

See this Prince of Petworth post:

391 Rhode Island Ave, NW

Back in Sept. 2011 the former Frazier’s Funeral Home sold for $850,000. There’s been lots of speculation about who may be moving into the space but we finally have an answer. A reader sends word from the D.C. Historic Preservation Office/Office of Planning:

“it is being converted into a 4-5 unit multi-unit residential building. The building was apparently originally three rowhouses merged together. The party walls are no longer intact on the interior, though. The formstone is being removed and the brick is being renovated.”.

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  1. our neighborhood is changing so fast! I just wish all the new residents said hi instead of jogging by with their ears jammed with ear buds listening to whatever and avoiding eye contact. Do they all move in from anonymous burbs, hostile cities or what?