Thursday, June 28, 2012

knocking on doors

Care to comment on this topic from the LeDroit Park list?


Thank you so much for posting this.
Please report this activity to MPD. I`ve also cc`ed Lt. Jova.
For all - Please report all suspicious activity to MPD immediately.

Marc Morgan
President, LeDroit Park Civic Association

we live on 3rd St. South of Anna Cooper Circle, 2 houses down from the Elks Lodge. Thanks


--- In, ``forevernina`` wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to shoot a quick message out and see if anyone else in the neighborhood has had the following occurance happen to them. Last night arounf 9:30 p.m. we had to women in their early 20`s knock and the door and ask if they could talk to someone about the apartment for rent. We informed them that there wasn`t an apartment for rent and asked her where she heard it from. She said some guy on the street told her. I infomred her that our neighbor was renting his apartment. They proceeded to go know on his door. My partner and I thought it was weird that they would be ``apartment hunting`` at 9:30 at night.

On to this morning, I`m working from home and around 9:30 a.m. received another knock at the door from a young man probably in his late teens. He asked if Mrs. Jones was here. I informed him no Mrs. Jones lived here. He apologized and left.

I`m usually not hyper sensitive about things like this, but given the events that transpired a few months ago and the fact that both of these ``random`` visits happened within a 12 hour window I thought it odd. I didn`t open the door, I just spoke through the window. Wanted to see if we were the only ones `visited`. Thanks in advance.



Gary William Mendel said...

to the knock person:
you're being cased. they get you to open the door and peer inside. if they see valuables, they return in a not very nice way. i was just hit for all kinds of electronics that they knew *somehow* were in there. don't open your door to anyone you don't know. don't talk to anyone you don't recognize unless you see a gun and a badge.

Adam said...

in a related note... we had a kid come by and ask to be sponsored for the upcoming Cardozo Band Trip to Houston. I've seen these kids at Gallery Place metro too asking for support. It has always looked a little strange, but I also know that Cardozo has a very active history in band. Does anyone know if this stuff is legit? If not... beware, it might be something similar to the above.

Amy Cee said...

We had the same thing happen a week after a successful burglary. A 19-20 year old guy knocking on the door asking for someone who doesn't live there. I think they were checking to see if we were home - at least that's what the detective assigned to our case seems to think. He says that's the M.O. - they may not want to come in when you're home, but I wouldn't bet my life on it.