Wednesday, June 20, 2012

shout-out for Mike Maggio

From a Randolph Place NW resident:

I would like to recommend Mike Maggio for roofing and other general contracting services.  Mike has done a number of projects for homeowners in the Bloomingdale neighborhood; in fact, it was on the Bloomingdale listserv where I first saw his name recommended for roofing services.  Mike restored my aging roof to good condition, providing another 10-15 years of life and saving me a lot of repair money.  I subsequently asked him to replace an aging basement door and install wooden slats on my metal balconies, and each task was performed in a professional, timely and cost efficient manner.

Aside from all of his great work, Mike is also a reliable contractor and a great person to work with.

Here is Mike Maggio's contact info (supplied by Mike Maggio himself!):
Mike Maggio
Michael J Maggio Construction & Repair LLC
Our 2 different Emails –
Our Informational Website
Our 24 hour cell Number
202- 439- 2948

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